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    For Days

    A closed-loop fashion brand that significantly reduces the water usage, carbon emissions, and waste associated with clothing manufacturing.

    Strategy | User experience | Design

    The challenge

    Designing an e-commerce experience that incentives what for many people is a new approach to shopping–returning old clothing so that it can be made new again, in exchange for store credit.

    Why this matters

    Fast fashion encourages rampant consumerism and waste. Drawn in by low prices and trends, consumers buy clothes, wear them for a short period of time, then discard them and buy new. Circular fashion, by contrast, allows us to turn old clothes into new styles and, in most cases, results in clothing that’s longer-lasting and higher quality.

    Zero waste

    The brand incentivizes sustainable shopping habits. We emphasized the zero-waste mission throughout the site, integrating it into the UI and overall design so shoppers don’t forget why they’re choosing For Days.


    Swap & shop

    Several options for trading in clothing, including the option to “swap” items, made the For Days’ shopping experience atypical. We created a custom, flexible check-out process with a clear interface that makes it simple for users to use and earn credits and swap clothing.


    Modern nostalgia

    The brand is inspired by breezy, simple LA style and by its relationship to vintage and thrift shopping. The clothing is repurposed, so nothing about the photography or art direction could be over-polished. We opted for an authentic, clean, and uncomplicated look & feel.


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