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    To build ethical, sustainable, and fulfilling communities by supporting diverse organizations driving positive change.


    A society & economy that benefit humanity as a whole, without over-burdening the planet.

    Outside 3.0

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    While we’re proud to be headquartered in Nepal, we’re a truly global agency, with key team members in the U.S., U.K., and Europe who collaborate on projects without borders.

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    The Team

    Outside’s team finds creative ways to collaborate across four time zones. In Nepal, we play futsal & table tennis; make chatpate, pani puri, and milk tea; and participate in weekly Knowledge-Sharing Sessions. Internationally, we celebrate a mix of holidays and visit each other in new or shared cities. A diversity of backgrounds, interests, and worldviews enriches our work & play.
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    Why Nepal?

    Outside's three founders, Atulya, Vincent, and Sujan, smiling. Vincent has his arms wrapped around the other two.

    Two of Outside’s three founders are from Kathmandu, Nepal. We’re excited to be creating from this part of the world, which is experiencing a surge in entrepreneurial activity, especially in tech & design.

    It’s clear that now is the time to make a positive impact by investing head-first in the city’s potential, contributing a portion of our profits to local initiatives, supporting local talent in the tech industry, challenging stigmas about outsourcing, and offering an alternative template for success—one that prioritizes people over profit.

    Outside's three founders, Atulya, Vincent, and Sujan, smiling. Vincent has his arms wrapped around the other two.

    We’re proud to work alongside these innovative Nepali companies:

    Outside 3.0

    Senjeev Shrestha & Hemantika Palikhe | Founders PASA

    “We love to explore the clean lines of modern architecture & the delicate tapestry of Nepal’s indigenous elements. We want to invoke a sense of nostalgia, infusing spaces with intangible allure.”

    Outside 3.0

    Sarthak Karki & Smriti Subedi | Founders Traverart

    “Nepal is a land of extremes. Here, you will find settlements with vibrant cultural heritage, which enables us to create authentic, immersive content. Nepal’s extraordinary landscape & history provide an ideal backdrop for storytelling & stunning visual accounts.”

    Outside 3.0

    Shiva Dhakal | Founder Royal Mountain

    “Nepal is emerging to become a destination for sustainable & community tourism, creating avenues to use tourism as a global force for good. We are proud to be associated with this movement.”

    Outside 3.0

    Sachin Shrestha | Founder The Local Project

    “Nepal is what we know, where we’re from, and what we love. We noticed that the market for Nepalese products seemed to be dragging along in the same traditional manner. There was plenty of room for innovation & an opportunity to provide a strong platform for some amazing Nepal-made products.”

    Outside 3.0

    "Nepal faces significant gender disparities, and we believe using sports as a tool for empowerment can help break down societal barriers, boost self-confidence, and provide opportunities for leadership & skill development for women.”

    Initiatives & Milestones

    Outside team members at an all-women hackathon
    Team picture of the Outside team
    Ceramics on Bhaktapur market
    Outside team members in the office
    Outside team members standing by the river at an offsite event


    Launched our first website in Arabic; primarily serving Arab women


    Celebrated Pride Month with Lex Limbu of Tracing Nepal



    Worked with a consultant to better structure Outside’s approach to impact in the long-term


    Hosted an event with the Shequal Foundation for college women interested in careers in project management


    First time the entire global Outside team was in one place since COVID-19 began


    Participated in Wordcamp as sponsors, team members, and speakers


    Worked with a student team at Cornell to come up with alternatives for social media participation outside of the attention economy & surveillance capitalism


    World Economic Forum recognized an ocean conservation app we built for Ocean Eye


    Conducted our first local business initiative, encouraging team members to shop small in Kathmandu


    Launched our own rebrand


    Completed our first branding project for sustainable clothing company Nui


    Launched the Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island Foundation website


    Donated funds to provide nutritious meals to pregnant women in remote villages in Sarlahi whose incomes were affected by COVID-19


    Hired our first Head of Creative to bring design in-house


    Hosted the second Shopify Kathmandu meet-up bringing 20+ Shopify enthusiasts together to discuss challenges & opportunities


    Hosted one-day stress management workshop for the team at the office, conducted by Yogartara, spiritual psychologist & yoga therapist


    Collaborated with We United project to offer Futsal training to Outside team members


    Hosted London-based artist Dairo Vargas, whose work centers on post-traumatic stress, to conduct a workshop for the team


    Sponsored five tickets for women students to attend Web Weekend Kathmandu 2019, where Raju Dawadi, an Outside team member, spoke about DevOps


    Hosted DevOps Kathmandu meet-up featuring guest speakers from Spain & the US


    Outside launches