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      Nonprofits & small businesses

    Whether we’re creating initial branding or designing and building multi-platform tech applications, we support companies of all sizes with missions that matter.

    Reality Defender →
    Outlining the future of AI deepfake detection with Reality Defender. View the site →
    Gen E →
    Bright blue all-caps bold text reads "action not offsets." In front of it, a phone floats face-up with an earthy green screen that shows that the user has donated $30.25 to climate initiatives in October.
    Nurturing a new generation of environmentalists with Gen E
    For Days →
    The For Days site, featuring a texturizing background image of crumpled up dark green T-shirts and a menu that reads "Earn, Buy, Swap."
    Closing the loop and reducing waste in fashion with For Days
    We've just launched… More case studies to come. In the meantime, feel free to get in touch for more info on our projects.
    Inside Himalayas →
    Hot pink Inside Himalayas magazine cover with an image of a Nepali man holding a feather, a string, and a chute of bamboo, looking to the side and smiling.
    Highlighting the beauty of Nepal with Inside Himalayas
    Foodcorps →
    Dev only
    The Foodcorp website homepage with the words "Nourishing Futures" and an array of aesthetically arranged vegetables in the background.
    Connecting kids with healthy school meals with Foodcorps. View the site →
    Crozier →
    An iphone leaning against a grayish wall. On the screen is the Crozier homepage, featuring orange and black text that reads: "Doing more for your art" and "We care about art and the people who love it."
    Creating a platform to preserve art & culture with Crozier. View the site →
    Noor | Mauj Co-Founder “Outside’s team has been amazing at receiving all our feedback and comments with such warmth and such strategic thought.”
    Death with Dignity →
    Dev only
    The yellow Death with Dignity site. Black text at the top reads "New Jersey," showing the organizations impact in that state.
    Moving the needle on end-of-life advocacy with Death with Dignity. View the site →
    Statue of Liberty →
    Dev only
    Teal homepage of the Statue of Liberty website, with white text that reads: "Together we preserve her legacy" and an image of the State of Liberty's face in profile.
    Creating a digital presence for New York’s iconic landmarks with Statue of Liberty. View the site →
    Rubicon →
    Dev only
    Two iphones show the Rubicon site. Text reads "Six steps to successful recycling and waste reduction."
    Encouraging waste reduction at scale with Rubicon. View the site →
    Milena | Crozier Marketing Director “The Outside team has done a wonderful job creating a website for Crozier that is aesthetically resonant, showcases all of our global services, and is flexible enough for us to work with for years to come.”
    Mauj →
    Two iphones against a pink background showing the Mauj site. On one phone, an article on the screen reads "Debunking the Most Common (And Harmful) Myths about Self Pleasure." The other reads "Cycle" with an illustration of two nude women swimming toward each other to form a circle.
    Creating a shame-free resource hub on sexuality & menstruation for Arab women everywhere with Mauj
    Lalo →
    Dev only
    The Lalo website featuring a line of mod highchairs, tables, and chairs. text reads: "Play. Bathe. Eat. Play."
    Promoting future-friendly furniture for the next generation with Lalo. View the site →
    Nui →
    Screenshot of Outsides project with Nui
    Returning to nature & natural materials to support sustainable fashion with Nui
    Fork & Good →
    Website screenshot of Outsides project with Fork & Good
    Exploring the future of ethically sourced meat with Fork & Good
    Trailborn →
    Dev only
    An iphone against the interior of a vacation home. Iphone screen shows the Trailborn app, with white text overlaid on a darkened image of a home and a blue sky. Buttons read "Explore" and "Stay."
    Creating home in the great outdoors with Trailborn. View the site →
    Shiva | Royal Mountain Travel Managing Director “When 2020 hit and travel completely stopped due to COVID, Outside jumped in to help us out big time. They brainstormed with us, helped refresh our travel company’s brand, and gave our website an amazing makeover.”
    New Teacher Center →
    Dev only
    The homepage of the New Teacher Center, featuring an audio snippet.
    Promoting educational equity with New Teacher Center. View the site →
    The Odd Sausage →
    The homepage of The Odd Sausage, forest green with a gray illustration of a jockey riding a horse, facing backwards.
    Highlighting high-quality independent film production with The Odd Sausage. View the site →
    Fuse →
    Dev only
    Iphone screens showing the Folio app.
    Reducing racial disparities in city & county agencies with Fuse. View the site →
    Boffo →
    Orange background with the Boffo homepage, featuring a shirtless man with his hand on his leg, facing a white sculpture of a man doing the same pose. White text over the image reads "Past Events."
    Uplifting art as a vehicle of change with Boffo. View the site →
    Tydo →
    Dev only
    The Tydo home screen.
    Visualizing data to aid decision-making with Tydo. View the site →