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    Nui is a low-impact apparel brand based in New Zealand that uses sustainable materials.

    Brand | Tone of voice | Site design | Back-end development | Front-end development | Packaging | Collateral

    The project

    Our goal was to create a brand identity & shopping experience antithetical to fast-fashion–one that encourages customers to make conscious, intentional choices.

    Why this matters

    As a whole, the fashion industry encourages over-consumption, disconnects customers from producers, and generates massive waste & pollution. Ethical supply chains & sustainably sourced materials represent a better future for us and our clothes.

    Tech highlights

    • Custom Shopify build
    • Animation & interactive elements
    • Scaleable, reusable modules
    • Custom filters
    • Third-party app integrations

    Inspired by New Zealand

    New Zealand’s lush landscape provided easy inspiration for the brand’s look & feel, as did the simplicity of natural, comfortable materials such as wool & silk. The Nui logo is based on the koru, a shape integral to Māori art. Its hand-drawn look is complemented by a soothing typography and an earthy color palette. 

    NUI store sign
    GIF of Nui brand statements
    Nui business cards
    Product shot of Nui socks
    Aroha points on Nui website

    Strategic, visual, and voice consistency

    Each Nui piece is crafted intentionally and made to last. We created a brand book that reflects the values of the company in its messaging and the soft, comfortable, and lightweight quality of the clothing in its design.


    A custom Shopify experience

    The design & UI of the site create a fluid & immersive experience with as much room for content as commerce. Working from a default Shopify theme, we customized the site extensively, incorporating animation & subtle interactive elements into the navigation and adding custom filters, pages, and apps to allow for storytelling.

    Nui website screenshot
    Mobile screenshot of NUI product detail page
    Screenshot of Nui product detail page

    Next Up

    More case studies to come. In the meantime:
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