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    Mauj is a sexual & menstrual wellness platform by & for Arab women.

    Product Strategy | UX+UI | Messaging & Narrative | Front-end | Back-end
    Mauj homepage overview
    Screenshot of Mauj Homepage

    The challenge

    Its stand-alone content and e-commerce platform needed to be broadly accessible, allowing women to control their own journey through it.

    Why this matters

    According to a 2020 UN study, no Arab country offers comprehensive sex education in schools. Mauj’s founders aim to de-stigmatize these conversations in the Arab world by creating a safe place for women to better understand themselves & their bodies.

    Tech highlights

    • WordPress
    • Custom Shopify build
    • Multi language (Arabic + English)
    • Event tracking

    Welcoming all women

    Mauj has a large audience with a diversity of experience. Its site visitors may include women who come just to explore and those who want an answer to a specific question; women who are new to the topic of self-pleasure and those who are ready to shop for a device; women who speak only Arabic or only English and those who are bilingual. Many women want to find a community while others require a more discrete browsing experience. 

    Here’s how we created a site that feels accessible to all:

    Descriptive text, clearly defined sections, and thorough intros
    Feedback module on Mauj platform
    Plenty of opportunities for community feedback
    Mauj resource article and glossary
    Built-in glossary feature for articles
    Homepage for logged in user on Mauj platform
    Account creation for users to save content and customize their homepages
    Screenshot of Arabic category page on Mauj platform
    Bilingual site available in Arabic and English

    Guiding users through content

    There are different routes into the content on Mauj’s site–through a topic, through the search bar, by typing a specific question into Google, or just by wandering in. If Mauj is a woman’s first inroad to self-discovery, then its content needs to be thorough, careful, and considered without being overwhelming. We designed the site to feature a variety of categories & topics, plus the option to create an account to save content and customize the homepage.

    “Outside have gone above beyond, approaching our project with both heartfelt dedication and the strategic insight we were looking for.”

    Noor N. | Founder

    Screenshot of journey selection page for Mauj platform
    Screenshot of Mauj category
    Mobile screenshot of search results on Mauj platform

    Look & feel

    Mauj already had its own vibe on Instagram. We progressed that branding, using nude pinks & mauves and water droplet-shaped illustrations to create an elevated, tasteful look & feel.

    GIF of avatars for Mauj platform

    Custom Shopify build

    Mauj sells its own vibrators & an aloe-based lubricant. The proceeds fund the resources, stories, and informational material it shares. But Mauj visitors don’t have to shop to learn. We created the flexible, expandable Shopify site to live on its own.

    Screenshot of Mauj Shopify store
    Mobile screenshot of Mauj product detail page
    Mobile screenshot of Mauj shopping cart

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