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    Inside Himalayas

    Inside Himalayas is a leading resource for travelers and travel agents who care about sustainable and responsible experiences in and around Nepal.

    Brand identity | Editorial design | UX & UI | Development

    The challenge

    Capturing the essence of this richly historic, beautiful, and diverse part of the world in digital and print format.

    Why this matters

    The Himalayan region is a premier tourist destination–but travel without consideration for the communities we’re visiting or the environment we’re landing in can be destructive. Inside Himalayas’ parent company, Royal Mountain Travel, promotes responsible engagement with the region we love.

    Tech highlights

    • WordPress
    • Multi language using WPML plugin

    A symbolic logo

    The Inside Himalayas visual identity is inspired by prayer flags, an important piece of symbolism. The colors of prayer flags represent each of the four elements, and are found throughout the mountains to bless all life and the surrounding land. We subtly incorporated the color and form into the logotype using a stencil serif font.


    From digital to print (and back again)

    We further expanded the brand language through various print editions ranging from a full-length magazine to one-off special editions. Whether in-print or online, the design remains cohesive.


    Maintaining audience trust online

    Inside Himalayas built a trusting audience through its regional expertise. We consolidated those efforts with an assured visual expression that echoed and enhanced the print magazine, centered storytelling, and made it easy for the IH team to add long-form articles with accompanying photography.

    Next Up

    More case studies to come. In the meantime:
    Gen E →
    Bright blue all-caps bold text reads "action not offsets." In front of it, a phone floats face-up with an earthy green screen that shows that the user has donated $30.25 to climate initiatives in October.
    Nurturing a new generation of environmentalists with Gen E →
    Nui →
    Screenshot of Outsides project with Nui
    Returning to nature & natural materials to support sustainable fashion with Nui →