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    Gen E

    An micro-philanthropy app that sends a percentage of individual purchases to vetted environmental nonprofits.

    Strategy | UX | Site design | App design | Development | Promotion | Social

    The challenge

    Creating a brand that welcomes everyone–not just activists–into the fight for our planet by making it simple and engaging to support vetted environmental organizations.

    Why this matters

    Taking action to benefit the environment can feel overwhelming, despite its necessity. While micro-philanthropy won’t save the world on its own, it does create an inroad into larger action and broader impact.

    Tech highlights

    • WordPress
    • Mobile App
    • Web Application
    • 3rd Party Integrations

    An app that gives back

    We designed and built the Gen E iOS and Android apps to include several features that make climate action quick and easy. Spot Impacts target a specific climate action, like planting trees; Boosts add to a users’ monthly balance; and Micro settings control the percentage users donate per purchase.


    Creating a site that informs & motivates

    The Gen E site has two central goals: encouraging app downloads & providing visitors with climate news and informational content. We designed the site to first educate visitors through bold, clear messaging and then inspire them to take action using simple navigational tools.


    Inspired by activism

    Using a design language grounded in activism, we partnered with Gen E on various call-to-action initiatives including Climate Week in NYC and multiple social campaigns.


    Next Up

    More case studies to come. In the meantime:
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